Dallas John Baker


"Dallas' writing... has been variously described as 'offbeat and atmospheric' and as 'every bit as good as J. D. Salinger'. Angguish has also been called 'Truman Capote's queer love-child'." - Ben Mason, QNET.

"demonstrates an enviable flair for storytelling." - Graeme Aitken, DNA magazine.

Dallas John Baker "is what you'd get if Victor Frankenstein made a new monster by splicing together body parts of David Sedaris, Truman Capote, Bruce Chatwin and just a bit of Djuna Barnes." - Prue Range, Goodreads.

Welcome to my website. This site is all about me. Well, it's all about my writing actually, which is not exactly the same thing. You will find here news about my writing, links to my stories and poems in online journals and reviews of my latest work. You will also find links to retailers where you can purchase my books for a more than fair price. If you're interested to learn more about who I am and what kind of books I write, you can click on the "About Angguish" link on the menu above. Below you will find the LATEST NEWS and notices about my creative endeavours and publications.





August 17th 2019 

I haven't updated my online writign page for a while (I've published a lot) but am in the process of doing that now. Hold tight!

APRIL 9th 2015

I have updated the Online Writing page, with lots of new links to my writing in online journals.

JAN 1st 2015

My novelette length creative non-fiction work I Go Far Away Sometimes is now available through Amazon. The link to purchase it is on the Bookshop page.

NOV 16th 2014

I have updated the Online Writing page, with lots of new links to my writing in online journals.


April 21st 2014

'The Burial', my essay about my grandmother's funeral, has been published in New Writing, a UK online journal. The link to it can be found on the Online Writing page.

NOV 2nd 2013

Just updated my Online Writing page. There are now new links to three recently published (online) works.

July 26th 2013

One of my short prose pieces Sleep is published in Sensual Travels, edited by Michael Luongo and published by Bruno Gmeunder (Germany). The link to purchase it is on the Bookshop page. 

March 2nd 2013

A review of America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South is in the current issue of DNA magazine (#158). The reviewer says that it's 'a highly atmospheric and original collection'. You can find more excerpts from this review HERE.  

March 2nd 2013

America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South will be available for FREE on Amazon for the next 2 days. Hopefully, this will encourage more folks to read and review my work on Amazon. You can find the link to the free promotion on the Bookshop page.

NOV 2nd 2012

America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South has recently been reviewed in TEXT journal. The reviewer, Jane Browning, says that it has a "voluptuous and haunting aesthetic".  You can find the link to the review on the Reviews and Media page. 

OCT 16th 2012 

Tidbit 1: I just uploaded some pics of myself from the 1980s, the gender-bender generation. Happy to humiliate myself for your pleasure. Check them out on my blog.

Tidbit 2: I recently had another story published in a Gay eBooks anthology. The story is a bit of a gothic melodrama. It's called Absalom's Teeth, or; My Year in Pharmaceuticals. You can check it out on the Online Angguish page.

FEB 15th 2012

You can win a Kindle Touch just for reading my book "America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South". See below for details: 

NOV 15th 2011

America Divine has been released and is available NOW.

"America Divine is a collection of travel stories set in the Deep South, particularly New Orleans. The stories feature voodoo practitioners, psychics, snake handlers, con-artists, ghosts and boozy Savannah landladies and are quirky, engaging and often satisfyingly sensual."

You can read a PREVIEW and some REVIEWS of the travel tales in America Divine. Or you can just BUY IT NOW.

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