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Work in Progress - Excerpt From A New Short Story

Posted by Dallas Angguish on Monday, October 31, 2016, In : Writing 

A wattle Seed, a stingless bee, a crow’s feather, a cicada shell

By Dallas John Baker

For once, winter came on time that year, right on the first of June. The sun rose just as high as it had the day before, but it had a touch less heat to it, and the sky was a clearer, colder blue. When the magpies sang in the dawn that morning, their song had a chilly sound. As did the whistle of the morning freight train from out west, which had carried farther over town than normal. Josh couldn’t c...

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Is it possible to become a writer, or is writing ability an inborn talent?

Posted by Dallas Angguish on Sunday, March 25, 2012, In : Writing 

I was on a panel at the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival recently and made one of those rather glib and throw-away statements that are becoming a rather predictable part of my repertoire when in public. It’s not that I want to be glib; it’s just that being in public spaces provokes acute anxiety and nervous exhilaration in equal measure so that I’m not really myself. It’s a bit like being a Catholic priest at a Gay Pride parade.

So, what I said was that I didn’t believe in ...

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About Me

I am a writer, editor and academic based in Australia. I have been published in a number of journals including TEXT Journal, Lodestar Quarterly, Retort Magazine, Bukker Tillibul and Polari Journal (of which I am the editor). My work has also appeared in the anthologies Bend, Don’t Shatter (2004), Dumped (2000 and US edition 2002) and Sensual Travels (2013). A collection of my short works, Anywhere But Here, was published in 2006 and received very positive reviews. My collection America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South was published by Phosphor Books. I have a PhD in Writing from Griffith University.