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Mad Squirrel Waxes Lyrical

Posted by Dallas Angguish on Thursday, November 20, 2014,
I was recently invited to participate in a talk-back radio discussion on the topic “Are writers born or made”. The invitation came after an article I co-wrote about the benefits of creative writing programs was published in The Conversation. The discussion was on ABC radio. The announcer was Sonya Feldhoff. It went okay, except I was talking very quickly and saying lots of not-quite-on-topic things and sounded like a mad squirrel hopped up on backyard methamphetamines. Shouldn't have had ...
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Posted by Dallas Angguish on Saturday, February 4, 2012, In : Photography 

A Couple of photos of the Bellinger valley. The church is in an area called Glennifer and is described in Peter Carey's novel "Oscar And Lucinda".
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I am a writer, editor and academic based in Australia. I have been published in a number of journals including TEXT Journal, Lodestar Quarterly, Retort Magazine, Bukker Tillibul and Polari Journal (of which I am the editor). My work has also appeared in the anthologies Bend, Don’t Shatter (2004), Dumped (2000 and US edition 2002) and Sensual Travels (2013). A collection of my short works, Anywhere But Here, was published in 2006 and received very positive reviews. My collection America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South was published by Phosphor Books. I have a PhD in Writing from Griffith University.