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 I Go Far Away Sometimes

‘Stop dreamin’, Petal, and get up. My mum’s medicine is waitin’.’
Jennie Scott started talking about this ‘medicine’ since she woke her guest just after dawn that morning. But what exactly was this medicine? And what was it supposed to cure? The answer to these questions unfold during a day spent cooking butter beans, ‘watching religion’ on TV and talking about the past, about memories that sustain, like a bowl of comfort food, and memories that hurt worse than any pain you can imagine.
I Go Far Away Sometimes is about how one person copes with the painful memories of a traumatic past. It is based on actual events .



America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South

America Divine: Travels in the Hidden South is a collection of travel tales set in the Deep South, particularly New Orleans. The stories - which feature voodoo practitioners, psychics, snake handlers, con artists, ghosts and boozy Savannah landladies - are quirky, engaging and satisfyingly sensual. Click on the cover to read a preview.

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Tattoos, cherry blossoms and skin. Irezumi, the Japanese art of tattoo. Amidst the beauty of a Japanese monastery garden, we meet handsome Aiki Matsuo. Aiki is a monk, but he's also the 'favorite' of a number of Japanese tycoons. But there's one tycoon who stands above the rest, who is close to his heart, literally, for the tycoon's emblem - a chrysanthemum in full bloom - is tattooed on Aiki's chest. The reasons why become apparent as Aiki strips off to reveal, and tell the story of, each of his tattoos. This short work, first published in Polari Journal, explores desire, allegiance and the beauty of traditional male bonds in Japan.

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Bridge of Sighs 


In a dark room in a Venice palazzo waits a pale dandy who might just know something of the secret to bridging the narrow chasm between reality and dream, desire and fear. Ben, a young American travelling the world seeking out eccentrics, may have found more than he bargained for when he set out to meet the strange Alistair Thrift. As soon as Ben enters that darkened room, he knows that he won't come out unchanged. But he hadn't been thinking clearly when he’d agreed to the meeting. His mind was still reeling from a passionate encounter with a young man in an alley beside a crumbling church. This short story, first published in a shorter version in Lodestar Quarterly, has been described as "deliciously atmospheric and intriguing".

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Cherry Blossom Bicycle Crazy

It's not easy being a girly boy growing up in rural Queensland in the 1980s, particularly when the whole town thinks you're a freak. Having to go to an all boy's school doesn't make it any easier. But, as adolescence hits, there are compensatory things. Things to do with muscle and skin and tanned lads dripping with water after noon day swims in silty, slow creeks. Things to do with shaggy hair damp with sweat after bare-chested football in an empty paddock. Things to do with the boy's school mojo and the 'cherry blossom' years; that time in-between childhood and manhood in which there is a magic that makes many things possible.

Editorial Review: "beautifully written autobiographical piece... about the angst of growing up gay and the perennial issues one faces to gain acceptance and self-worth" - Alistair Sutton, Queensland Pride, November 2011.

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Sleep (in Sensual Travels)

The Best of Gay Travel Erotica Whether traversing desert sands, steamy jungles, or the urban playground: these are the erotic encounters told by men willing to roam. These stories pack a sexual punch, and carry with them the resonance and character of their locales. The writers in this book got to relish and relive their adventures, revisiting them in their minds as they wrote them down for these stories. For the reader, each chance encounter described by the writers is brand new, as fresh and exciting as they were on the day they happened years ago on continents far away. Includes "Seep" by Dallas Angguish.


You can also purchase this eBook from Barnes & Noble and most major online booksellers.